decoding body language

“Once we have conflicting thoughts, the body expresses them one way or another”

The French / Canadian Philippe Turchet created synergologie® as a study in body language. However, the trademark® prevents to use the word and protects its concepts. To evaluate Turchet’s theories you’ll need to follow the full training in French. Personally, I started to study synergologie in 2003 and followed all modifications and concepts up to 2016. In 2011 Philippe asked me to start teaching synergologie® in Holland.

accreditationIn 2013 the Dutch Institute for Synergologie® opened its doors to students from all over Europe as it was the only place to study synergoloie® in other languages than French. Few years later the Dutch Institute stopped teaching synergologie®. The study did not provide a solid base and became subject of dispute (press articles). In 2016 I started collaboration with the Swiss Association of Experts in Non Verbal Communication using bodysystemics as method to decipher bodily communication. Since then  the Dutch Expertise center ELN was born.

The method bodysystemics is available in different languages in Europe. Courses are given in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Germany, by a team of accredited professionals. 1

Gestures depend on the context. The arms (and legs) show the quickest and most honest limbic behavior. Gestures can be misleading or even inverted, depending on elements such as the direction in writing (cultural) such as Arab. Movements and facial expressions cannot be strictly universal. Creating an exhaustive list of non-verbal items is senseless without considering the subject’s relationship to his environment and can even lead to confusion.

© Gerard Stokkink, lecturer & managing director at ELN

Articles synergologie (French) Synergologie pseudoscience,  pour en finir: la synergologie,  synergologie et la science,   accusations d’imposture,   synergologie: commode et reposante

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