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One of the keys of interpersonal intelligence is to read body language.  What is unsaid can be crucial information. No science was ready to embrace body language as a core-study. Synergology brings a fresh wind into the field of communication combining knowledge in different disciplines.

synergology – a discipline, a method and a tool

Anchored on the crosspoint of neurosciences, the new discipline gave reason to a structurally new way in the approach body language. The method allows the decrypting of suppressed and expressed thoughts, signs of openness or closure, facial expressions and the meaning behind the movements of the hands, micro movements and ex. a lie. We now can relate thoughts to movements of the body and give sense to a structural different approach in the reading of body language.

Synergology makes use of an extensive digital lexicon and huge video-data-base in which thousands of images are categorized using scientific criteria to prove their acceptance. The method has proven to be invaluable wherever the goal is to improve communication-skills. Today, synergology is taught by a team of specialists trained by the french founder of the discipline Philippe Turchet.



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