Decoding body language with synergologie: the world of hidden messages and unspoken thoughts 

June 20 + 21 Amsterdam/Holland – Masterclass Limited to 16 persons.  Course fee: € 1.750.- (£ 1,400) 2 days, lunch / VTRE convenience Registration for this masterclass is open until June 1-st.

  • Characteristics of universal body language using neurosciences.
  • Analysis of hidden emotions.
  • Openness and closure in hidden attitudes (ex: sitting positions)
  • Movements of the head and their unconscious meaning.
  • Movements of the hands and their values in body language.
  • Relational strategy and gestures in nonverbal context.
  • Lie detection on the body.

INCOMPANY  Training for specific needs in business, security, healthcare, marketing, negotiations, politics, … at your location.

This seminar in English is offered by Gerard Stokkink, coach in non verbal communication, certified synergologue and lecturer in body language and synergology at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam.

Synergology was first introduced in Quebec and later in Europe. Proven to be an effective tool for police and customs, in health professions and human resources, synergologie became recently available in English, Spanish, French  and Italian.

The objectives:
– Decipher the major movements of our body
– Develop a sense of both general and specific compliance
– Identify the unspoken in an exchange
– Better interaction with each other and change the terms of trade
– Analyze yourself own body language and how you are perceived

In what context?
– In an interview: recruitment, assessment, coaching …
– Negotiation: customers, social partners, suppliers …
– Speaking customers, employees, shareholders, media, crisis …
– For specific analysis of the unspoken: investigation, suspected fraud, psychosocial risk assessment, crisis management … etc.


About Gérard Stokkink

Gerard Stokkink, lecturer body language & non verbal communication
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