reading emotions with synergology

Who ever wanted to discover the thoughts or emotions of his boss, friends, love,… will not be fooled, this is not always possible. However…?  Some sciences such as synergology , can decipher some of these elements. It is often possible to conceal our emotions but rarely completely hide them. They cause bodily reflexes indeed, uncontrollable indeed and clear message for those who can read…

What is it?

Synergology is a pragmatic and scientific discipline to better understand how the human mind works through his body language, using a scientific grid of 2850 assets to decipher a person’s emotions. This grid provides the keys to understand what the other says or means without doing so. The goal is not to control one’s own gestures, but rather to forget your own body language and focus on the speaker in order to improve the quality of understanding between the individuals. This science is a tool for all those who want to decipher human relationships at work or at home.

Many researchers are interested in non-verbal behavior, gestures, … The underlying assumptions in synergology find meaning through the intersection and confirmation of data from the neurobiology and psychology. But synergology introduces several variables, absent in earlier studies – particularly in the non-verbal language- new concepts from the observation of bodily reactions that had never been isolated and described previously: micro-scratches (the french word is: microdémangeaison).  Micro-motion appears when unspoken feelings contradict information expressed openly. This amazing discovery places bodily movements as an essential witness of the activity of the mind, illuminating the contradictions translated by the body.

Behind an emotion, there is always a movement. 

An emotion that can not be seen does not exist. When we’re not totally authentic, areas of the brain can not be controlled. These areas are interconnected with the body, and the emotions that are “killed” are seen: they simply refuse to cheat.

In everyday life, synergology can help the police to conduct interviews to collect more lies and find the truth. It can also help the recruiter or coach to detect discomfort. Finally, it can be very useful in business to detect doubt at one’s interlocutor or the poker player who wants to decrypt if his opponent is bluffing or not …

Some examples …

– Lying causes micro-scratches under the nose. A person lying will struggle to keep his hand touching his nose as he speaks. (Example: Bill Clinton’s speech when he says he never had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky). Another trick finding a liar: it is very difficult to look someone in the eye when you lie.
– Someone who’s cuddling a lock of hair shows that he/she feels comfortable with you.
– A person who thinks and puts his finger under the lower lip is in fully pragmatic reflection, he/she seeks a solution to a problem.
– A person who thinks and puts his finger on the upper lip is full of spiritual reflection, he/she seeks the meaning of something.

Of course, not everything is so simple. The interpretation of a single gesture is not enough. By cons the interpretation of several different gestures gives us a lot of information on what your partner really thinks when we face him.

(translated from the original article)


About Gérard Stokkink

Gerard Stokkink, lecturer body language & non verbal communication
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