synergologie: no method, no science…

“Once we have conflicting thoughts, the body expresses them one way or another”.

accreditationFrench/Canadian Philippe Turchet has been working on bodily movements since the 90’s and protected his findings named synergologie® with a trademark. In order to evaluate Turchet’s theories and concepts you’ll need to follow the complex study in French. Personally I started to study with Philippe Turchet in France from 2003 and followed all modifications, theories and concepts he added since then.

In 2013 I started to teach synergologie® in Holland, but realized it could not provide a solid and easy to use, practical method in daily life for my students. Acquaintance with bodysystemics few years later brought clarification, explained in a simple formula: C = f (P, E).  [C=behavior,P=person(gesture/emotion), E=environment/context]

1488987682Gestures depend on the context. Misleading or even inverted, depending on elements such as the direction in writing (cultural) such as Arab. Movements and facial expressions cannot be strictly universal. Creating an exhaustive list of non-verbal items is senseless without considering the subject’s relationship to his environment and can even lead to confusion.

© Gerard Stokkink is lecturer body language & managing director at Expertisecentrum Lichaamstaal Nederland (ELN).

(French) Articles : Synergologie pseudoscience,  pour en finir: la synergologie,  synergologie et la science,   accusations d’imposture,   synergologie: commode et reposante, …


About Gérard Stokkink

Gerard Stokkink, lecturer body language & non verbal communication
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