origins and differences of gestures

Gestures have several functions such as stimulating the verbal to assist the interaction. Meanwhile emotions are the medium of this interaction. Emotions are universal which does not mean they are everywhere the same. They help us individually when we perceive danger and collectively transmit the emotional information. When we raise our hand palms, arms and shoulders, we show our powerlessness. We did not learn this. Humanity shares genetic heritage with apes. Of course there are a small number of gestures that are specific to a certain cultural universe and what we call symbolic gestures, like in aviation, diving, sign language for the deaf, etc.

In some cultures gestures are more frequent. Their expression is enhanced or suppressed by the culture in which one lives.  (ex: Italians vs Japanese) But behind all varnishes or dynamic gestures it remains universal. Producing gestures is absolutely essential for the interaction – even while we speak on the phone and the other does not see us…

source: P. Turchet (blog)


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