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KOP:SynergoSynergology, art of the unvoiced comment… The social life governs the codes of exchanges between individuals, based on the courtesy, the fear of the rejection of the other, the hierarchy, etc. The individual implied in the human reports/ratios is constrained to express himself in the form of approval, of semi-truths, lies; or to keep silence, in the name of the courtesy and/or of the fear of the disapproval. However, these constraints cannot be masked with respect to ourselves, and it is there that the synergology intervenes, observational science of the involuntary gestures. Our body, orchestrated by our unconscious, boxes, the “shock” of the secret emotions which attack us, and reacts consequently to these stimuli by expressing, with its manner, the true emotions placed behind the social frontage. These reactions are carried out according to prototypes’ inherited our distances ancestors. They are atavistic, universal reflexes whatever our culture. It is interesting to note that as of the moment when the emotions are openly expressed, unverifiable mimicry relating to these feelings does not take place any more. Philippe-TurchetPhilippe Turchet, in his book Synergologie, explains this science in a detailed way. Indeed, its practice of synergologist is the result of years of research and scientific analyses, without counting its very pointed personal observations and carefully indexed.

Schermafbeelding 2011-11-14 om 13.46.47By its observations it could determine that the same gesture, universally repeated, originated in and common denominator an emotion specific to this gesture and expressed through this one. From there, a gestural “inventory” could be drawn up, with much precaution and conscience as for the margin of error. Consequently, each gesture is to be placed in its context, as well external with the person observed as characteristic with the person itself (body posture, statute of listening or word, tics, etc). This enthralling science often makes it possible toSchermafbeelding 2012-02-13 om 15.14.04 decipher certain signals which could be useful during a negotiation, that it is commercial, professional, sentimental, etc… You like to observe the people around you and to decipher their codes of behavior? this book is addressed to you! Very clearly and quite illustrated, a true encyclopaedia of gestural human. Internet site http://www.synergologie.com summarizes well the work of Philippe Turchet.